Major Issues of Elementary Education in India- Education Need Improvement in India

Elementary education, in real sense, is in the hands of teachers who fail to re-organise themselves, they are much interested in salaries and benefits, never think of children. Here, Major Issues of Elementary Education in Government Schools or Private School is not clear, the frame work of elementary education differs in several ways at several places.

There are many serious Major Issues of Elementary Education. Kids carrying heavy bag full of books and notebooks is not a new sight among Indian children who are attending elementary school.

Flip over the pages of these books and you’ll find absence of basic education. The elementary school curriculum has been limited to memorization of text or acquisition of reading and writing skills also overloaded curriculum that’s destroying the purpose of elementary education.

In such scenario moral education is missing from the school and we are churning out uncivilized literates. Basic education should be completed in schools itself with emphasis on moral values without arduous homework. A focus on moral education isn’t about adding another commitment to already overloaded curriculum. In fact, the framework of moral education advances educational objectives to deal not only with present challenges, inculcating good character traits but also take into account the well-being of future generations.

Major Issues of Elementary Education in India

  • Lack of understanding the children ( when children strength is high the teacher strength is low) .
  • Lack of knowledge of teachers ( they might have got trained through teacher training institute yet, progressive up-dation is a failure) .
  • Students should and must learn concepts and good enough ask questions, rather than memorizing the subject and giving rhetoric replies..
  • Memorizing is a good thing in all the cases it is a failure.
  • A teacher should devote his/her service, when money is the player there is no devotion only money minded teaching (chalta hai attitude) .
  • We cannot change these things, but, try to get change the attitude of the teachers and one more thing, parents should also co-operate with the teaching community for the betterment of the children.
  • We should restrict subjects to language/science/maths and history(when science is again divided as Physics/Chemistry/Biology) there is a increase in the syllabus…better we have science divided into 6 lessons each upto 8th standard and increase the contents) .

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Wait there are more…
  • Learning tools are much essential to make the reading habit among the children.
  • We must have moral classes (atleast two classes in a week) .
  • Lack of understanding in teachers about “child development cycle”
  • Treating all kids in same way and abolishing their individualism.
  • The education framework eliminates the scope of active experimentation and enforces rote learning.
  • The only yardstick being academic marks / grades, teachers / parents are blinded towards other important early age skill development in kids.

Education is not the learning of facts, but traning of mind to think.”Albert Einstein

Conclusion for Major Issues of Elementary Education in India

The above problems can be resolved by taking these steps:

  1. Ensure quality of teachers and their continuous evaluation
  2. The curriculum and framework must provide great scope for treating kids as individuals
  3. The syllabus must be kept relevant and updated with time, and useless stuff should be eliminated.
  4. Assessment must be formative in real sense, and summative assessment in elementary education must be completely plucked off.

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  • 03/20/2019 at 5:34 PM

    Such a nice article in India the major issue is of elementary education.Every human being on earth needs education .It is not only for knowledge it also helps to lead a life.


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